A Dark Comedy Written by William Beaton

Present day Los Angeles. In a rundown 50′s motel, sound man Kirk Schneider and his brother Ethan prepare for the recording session of a lifetime. With a looming deadline, Kirk and Ethan race to collect a series of horror sound effects. Their logic, to get real horror, create it.

With a makeshift portable recording booth and an array of surgical instruments set to go, Kirk rigs mics as Ethan practices his stand up comedy routine to anyone who will listen. On the floor bound by cables, a panicked LA Dodgers fan awaits his fate.

Ethan’s loyalty to his brother is stretched to the limit. How many people can die in the name of ‘quality entertainment’? As the pressure builds and they find out the Dodgers Fan is deaf, the brothers learn the true meaning of loyalty, sacrifice, and the best way to get blood out of a carpet.